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a bit about me:

​“The complete package” in solution sales for software companies entering emerging markets.

       My 12 years of experience in sales, both as an account manager and as a presale engineer allows me to understand the full end to end sales process and provide value where needed. Whether it be in choosing partners, tracking down the executive sponsors and decision makers, preparing sales forecasts, answering RFP’s, or preparing in depth proposals and ROI models, I am comfortable in a wide range of roles.

        My engineering and technical consulting origins and 18 years of experience in software companies enables me to understand your products in depth. I will be able to present, demonstrate, and use them proficiently. I understand the foundations and underpinnings of complex software products and can explain them in non-technical language. These skills also allow me to accurately feed customer requirements back into the product development cycle. My technical consulting history allows for a deep knowledge of what makes a successful project.

         My 12 years of experience bringing enterprise software products to Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa gives me a strong professional network of thousands of key people in customers and partners in the region. My in depth account management experience in more than 20 countries in the region gives me a unique perspective on the differences between markets, and the ability to define a successful strategy for entry into them.

         Because of experience owning and investing in small businesses and starting up new sales regions for large organizations, I am able to create compelling and accurate market maps, P&L projections, and business models.

          I am looking for a company who wants help to successfully bring their software products to emerging markets and who is ready to define and implement a go to market strategy from the ground up, if needed, to do so.​

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